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Questionnaire Define study objectives with you & we design the questionnaire If you have already your questionnaire you send it to us and we proof-read it
Unlimited and all type of questions
Survey upload Before launching your survey , you will receive the link to the survey so that you can try it and validate it.
Example of survey testing
Respondents profile You determinate the sample and the profile you want to answer your questionnaire
Survey administration Publishing your questionnaire online on our
Panel website/mobile App
Survey results 4 different Packages available:
Primary, Simple, Fundamental and Full
Study price From $ 125 for a complete study
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Our Services

Quantitive Market Research

We help you to define your goals and set up the target profile of people you want to survey and carry out the survey for you.

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Customer Satisfaction Survey

You want know what your customer thinks about your products/services? Get your client complete your survey and see the results

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Quick Survey

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  • Earlier this year, our company had an opportunity to import and rebrand a beauty product from Asia. We needed to test the name, positioning, packaging and appeal of the different variants available, and time was of the essence. In less than 10 days, E-ENSURES helped draft the questionnaire, recruited and held 2 focus groups with the primary and secondary target groups and delivered a professional report of their findings. Due in large part to E-ENSURES’ report, we went ahead and made the deal with the exporter.

    Rod Grainger - Director RBGT Group

  • I've really enjoyed working with the e-ENSURES Research team. They were responsive and flexible, and a great help in understanding our customers. Thanks to this research, We have made major changes in Kenya with impacts in our 14 markets across Africa Thank you!

    J.J Maikere- Jumia Market Country Manager- Kenya