Why Online?


We build a panel that provides reliable and easy accessible respondents that can answer the online questionnaire. The collecting of responses is done automatically through internet and that prevent the risk of human error.


The respondents Database is more complete than other methods, since they register their profile information before participating in the survey. This allows to have a better understanding of the interviewees and conduct a pre-targeting (people can respond to the survey) more accurate. This provides access to a precise and qualitative panel which ensures to gather reliable data.


Administration through Internet allows us to offer very attractive rates compared to other modes of administration (in terms of cost per respondent). This can be explained by the reduction of costs to investigators, on the phone or typing answers.


The number of respondents per minute does not depend on the number of investigators assigned to the study. Thousands of users can respond simultaneously to the same questionnaire, which saves considerable time in collecting answers. In addition, the deployment of the survey can begin as soon as the design of the questionnaire survey is complete, since no investigator should be trained.


International surveys can be carried out as quickly and simply an investigation into one single country.

Questions that Online Market research answers:

The demand (potential customers):
  • Who are the current clients or the people who are looking for products/services similar to mine?
  • How many of them are they?
  • How often do they consume the concerned products/services?
  • What budget do they devote to it (per day, per month or per year?)
  • Which needs are satisfied through these products/services? (achievement needs, self-esteem needs, love/belonging needs, safety or physiological needs)
  • How have the above elements evolved over the last few years? What are the future prospects for the coming years?
The competition:
  1. Who would be my competitors?
  2. What kind of information can I get about their financial situation?
  3. What are their strengths?
  4. What are their weaknesses? Would I be able to use their weaknesses to carve out a place on the market?
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