Our Terms

By clicking the checkbox of terms and conditions of e-ENSURES the clients accepts following Agreement

1. Fees and Payment


e-ENSURES provides tailored quantitative market research and sells market reports. The quotes given by e-ENSURES for tailored market research are valid for a year.


e-ENSURES may change the fees for the Services at anytime


- 30% of deposit from the date of quote acceptance
- 70% before the client gets the market results
The client can make the payment by credit card, check, MPesa.
In case of delay of payment e-ENSURES reserves the right to claim interest for the delay.

2. Panel

The chosen panel by the client cannot be changed during or after the survey. If the number of respondents is lower than what the client requested, the deposit will refund by e-Ensures unless, both parties, client and e-Ensures agree to continue with the contract.

3. Market research results

There are four choices of package of results: primary report, simple report, fundamental report and full report. The package chosen by the client cannot be changes after the results have been delivered.

4. Intellectual Property rights

The results are e-ENSURES ownership until the client makes the integral payment
The client can get 35% of discount on the price of the service if the Transfer Property right of the research is granted to e-ENSURES. In the case, e-ENSURES will display the partial of full results on the website www.e-ensures.com

5. Responsibility

e-ENSURES serves are managed in secured environment. However, delay or interruption of the service may occur. e-ENSURES will not be responsible for those delays and interruptions.

6. Protection of private information

e-ENSURES strives to protect all information submitted online by the client. However since the transmission through Internet is not guaranteed 100%, e-Ensures, e-ENSURES cannot ensures the security of the transmission. Therefore, the information transmission is at owner’s risk.