About Us

e-Ensures is the first African Online Quantitative Market Research Company dedicated to assisting small & medium startups and entrepreneurs.

Unlike other Market Research Firms in Africa focused on large companies, e-ENSURES is passionate about offering tailored Market Research services to startups and entrepreneurs. The firm promotes its unique, tech savvy services via online client surveys and an independently run an online community panel, YoImpact.

However, what also makes e-ENSURES unique, is its ability to help entrepreneurs expand their vision beyond their base. For example: if we work with clients in Kenya, a dynamic business Hub of Africa, we want them to think about opportunities across the East Africa region and ultimately the entire continent. Additionally, we want to inspire the next generation of African startups and entrepreneurs by targeting pre-startups that are struggling to get ideas off the ground.  By helping pre-startups recognize market research is a foundational need for their venture, we help to give them the much-needed push to launch their ventures. YoImpact, our online community panel that is accessible to the majority of the population across different economic backgrounds, enables us to follow market trends from the consumers’ perspective.